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Around Clearfield, Ontario, etc. It’s one officer who keeps popping up on the tickets too so I’m not sure if he’s just a stickler or what. It’s definitely annoying. I have to pay $76. I get it I was maybe a foot into the ramp but there are cars almost sticking out 2/3 past the corner. He’s hitting the same people multiple times in a week. I always say this but if I ever move out of Port Richmond, it’ll be because of the parking.


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They have enough of a shit to ticker everyone under the Sun the last week or so in Port Richmond. I stuck out maybe a foot past where a sidewalk ramp began and got ticketed. If they would only drive around at night and see why people park the way they do, they’d see parking is awful anymore.


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Oh yeah I read the threads. Some of them are ridiculous. It wasn’t all that great when they were growing up. I grew up and still live in Port Richmond. I remember about 20 years ago, Fishtown was known for all of the pillheads. I went to high school with Fishtowners and alot of them whine how “great Fishtown used to be”. It’s alot nicer now than back then. My one buddy grew up there and says it’s way better now than then. He told me how he got jumped by Kensington kids who were fighting with Fishtown kids. He had nothing to do with the group they fought with and he was sitting on his step when he got jumped. They’re out there.