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Oh does PiHole/DNS blocking work??? I thought you would get big blank boxes instead. Being loyal to one brand just doesn't make any sense at all. LGs good at Oleds, so I got one from them. PC wise I have a lot of ASUS, my phone is OnePlus after I had a bad experience with the Samsung S3 and S5.. I couldn't be happier, since I ditched Samsung completely.

Yes definitely. Samsung makes everything, they can't be good at everything, no one is.


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I had two Samsung's. They had REALLY big latency (I pressed something on the remote and it literally took 3-5 seconds). This was especially annoying in menus. And overall just bad (e.g. ads in menus?!) Then I got a LG OLED and it runs like on the first day. He is 5 years old now. Yeah definitely, HP is a printer company, that's like buying a apple car. Good way of thinking!