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The original is less then 20 pages long, rapunzel is given to gothel because her dad steals lettuce (called rapunzel) for his wife from the garden… a man falls in love with rapunzel many years later, is pushed from the tower and is blinded… rapunzel now pregnant is banished only to find her lover in a desert and cure his blindness with her tears… they lived ever after… it’s never clear if it was happily. One of my favorite fairy tales


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I recently set up Phillips Hue adjustable lights and it’s a game changer. I’ve got different scenes for different moods. Watching tv, dim lights with an amber or blue glow. Working or cleaning and it’s bright white. I love having adjustable lighting, plus I’ve set it up with Alexa so it’s all voice controlled… turning on and off lights from bed is bliss


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Ochams razor. The more assumptions one must make about an explanation the more likely it is to be false. To believe in a higher power I’d have to make to assume many things (things I don’t currently believe in) are true without being able to prove it. Therefore, I’ll lean on the explanation with less assumptions and more facts. I’m of the belief man created god. Not the other way around.


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Egyptian Religious beliefs historically probably didn’t play in, because the history itself probably didn’t happen. The exodus from Egypt was said to be caused by god’s plagues on the Egyptians. Thay is a Hebrew myth, not an Egyptian one… Egyptian religions probably didn’t care much about other monotheistic religions of foreigners.


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It’s not so much then recording the exodus, but there would be noticeable loss of labor and extra food resources for no longer owned spaces. The argument is if 10,000 slaves just got up and left there would be ripple effects through the local civilization.


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The Jewish people weren’t great at keeping records… so a whole lot of their biblical history is historically hard to back up. For example, there’s no evidence of the Jewish flight from Egypt or there being a Hebrew slave population. The Egyptians were very good record keepers.


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I was 10 and on a family road trip to Williamsburg, Virginia. The Patriot starring Mel Gibson had just opened in theatres. I wasn’t ready for the cannon ball taking off a guys leg, but it helped round out the history of what I was seeing the following days.


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There was the Gameboy, the original grey brick. Then the second generation of gameboy was the Gameboy Pocket which was 1/3rd the size of the original and came in different colors… the pocket was followed up by the Gameboy Color.