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Mt Siani has a great CTE team of neurologists who work with the Concussion Legacy Foundation and others doing deep research. They are studying brains from all sports and actively recruiting from more than just the nfl for studies and brain donations.

It's another fallacy. That this is only one study and not enough research. It's a massive effort now.

I'm typing this post when just a couple of years ago, I could not. So there is hope even if it's for short windows. But it's there and there is help coming. It won't be fast enough to save some of us, but we're trying.


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That's the hard part.

My kids are young, and my son wants to play things I did. He's also watching me die from the long-term effects of being a pro athlete in my 20s and 30s.

It's hard to properly teach my kids that sports have consequences long after the now without squashing hopes and dreams.

I want him to play the sports he wants, but it's difficult knowing some are not safe at any level, unfortunately. There's no safe way to beat physics of the law of motion and protect your brain. We're humans, not woodpeckers, with special engineering to protect their brains.


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Think of the fact that for years, the NFL blocked this research by saying the links didn't exist. Now there's the studies with just that info. You're so right in your post.

Lawsuits are coming that the NFL owners and enablers can't legislate away. Millions of our youth are destroyed each year to combat and contact sports cte factories. Now everyone can sue for the covering up of it.

They wonder why all the cognitive issues for non pro athletes parallel pros later in life for minor league, collegiate, and high-school players as well? Damage was done as kids badly, and that never goes away.

Won't just be the NFL, also hockey, pro wrestling, soccer, mma, boxing, collegiate contact sports in general, they are in trouble, and pretty much any combat sport It's going to get ugly for these owners by this time next year.


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There are some cool scifi series from years ago about generation ships arriving on time but being badly outdated by the time they got there and their people archaic compared to their now faster than light travel counterparts. Divergent genetics and more. Creepy stuff to contemplate.