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My broken body can no longer work. Instead of being forced to dig, every day, I'm dragged to the mine and forced into the electric chair. I've been zapped once - a young lady, a bit older than me, saw a chance to run, and tried, but I was quickly shocked for it. I wanted to urge her to keep going, but because of the gag, I was unable to speak. Instead, she slunk back, to the mocking of the slave drivers. "You're going to suffer for her sake?" "Go on, run! Escape!" "You're a fool for staying here!"

It's like these... things don't understand caring for others.

After that, everyone was on their best behaviour... for me... I tried to tell them I'm not worth it, but I kept getting the same reply: "We're all in this together. We won't abandon you."

So here I am, once again forced to watch everyone suffer pain and exhaustion. I see a man collapse. A whip lands sharply on his back. I try to protest, which is met with a spear in my face. "Need you be reminded of your position?"

I watch as the man struggles to his feet. There's screaming from outside. Guards rush in. "She... she escaped!"

"What? You don't mean... her?" another guard exclaims.

Every guard leaves. Everyone else wastes no time in running. A few of them come over to me, remove my gag and begin trying to free me.

I look at them. "Save yourselves."

"But-" Patrick begins, when someone runs in.

"You all have to see this!"

"What about Alicia?" Patrick asks.

"Just come. We can come back for her." He looks at me almost as if to confirm.

"I agree. You can't free me anyway." I nod at everyone, and they head out.

Thinking I'm stuck here, I do my best to relax, hoping death comes soon... suddenly, I hear a howl, and a werewolf dashes in. "Patrick!?"

"Think I was going to leave you behind? Hold still." Patrick easily breaks the straps holding me down, then with his extra strength, picks me up and cradles me.

As he carries me out, I can hardly believe my eyes. The most beautiful, golden dragon is standing near the castle of the Narrgh kingdom. I see Greg next to her. "ALICIA!" he cries.

Patrick holds me protectively. "She's in too much pain, Greg. I know how you feel about her, but I can't pass her to you."

"Then take her to Sandra! She'll heal her!" Greg snaps, and Patrick brings me over to the dragon.

"Sandra, your highness... Alicia is injured... can you heal her?"

Sandra nods. "Of course. I did so for a man only moments before." She lifts a hand and places a claw very gently on my body.

Instantly, I feel revived. Patrick supports me to stand up. I turn to Sandra. "Thank you, but... who exactly are you?"

"ALICIA!" Greg growls.

A look from Sandra gets him to back off, before she turns to me. "My name is Sandra, I am the dragon princess, and until mere hours ago, I was cursed into human form. I heard a lot about you and Greg from prince Devon, when I was forced to be his possession."

"You don't mean-" Sandra nods at Patrick. "Eww, that is so wrong!"

"When I was first captured, I lost trust for humans. But the kindness shown from prince Devon has restored my faith that humans and dragons can form an alliance."

Before anyone responds, several guards exit the castle. All bow except for 2. Sandra turns her head to the side. "Float?"

I realise Float is here as well, and he quickly eats them. "What's happening?" I ask.

"I have certain powers and gifts as the princess of the dragons" Sandra states. "I sent someone in to round up everyone inside. Upon coming out, I froze them all in place with my gaze, giving them two options: bow, or don't." She looks upon those still bowing. "Who here is in charge, or was that man just eaten?"

"M... me" a voice calls shakily. "Ple... please have mer... mercy..."

Sandra is still. "Why should I, when you showed none?"

The man gulps. I walk over to him. "If you could sacrifice everyone else for your own life, would you do it?"

"Isn't that normal?" he responds. "To look out for yourself only?"

I turn to Sandra. "That's your answer, your highness. They lack compassion, but I think it's because they don't understand it."

Her face darkens. "Luther tried to do the same thing to prince Devon. He wanted Devon to take advantage of me. Devon had no choice but to abuse me. He hated it. Alicia, Greg, let's go."

I climb onto Greg. Sandra looks to all the guards. "A fair punishment for you lot is to be slaves." She opens her wings and takes off, Greg following behind.

We enter the Dragon Homeland, Sandra landing softly in the Dragon Elder's Forest, me getting off of Greg. Sandra speaks. "BRING THE PRISONERS FORWARD!"

Several guards and a man are escorted over. Several other humans come out, likely prisoners of the castle. Sandra looks at Luther. "Luther, your grandfather tried to force me to give my land to him. Your father kept me prisoner. You're even more cruel than them. But, despite your crimes... death is not a fair punishment." She smiles. "Instead of killing you, I will allow you to live forever." With that, Sandra places a claw on Luther's forehead.

As Luther grins, Greg huffs. "Your highness! Why? He doesn't deserve it!"

Sandra turns around. "I have no need to punish him, Greg. After all, now he has eternity to reflect."

"Reflect on what?" Luther scoffs.

A new voice, belonging to a boy, yells out with disdain. "How about the fact you abused everyone you could, with no thought or care? If it were to save your own fucking ass, you'd let her eat ALL of your men!"

Luther's grin widens. "And what makes YOU any better... son?"

"Son?" Sandra echoes. "You said you couldn't bear any children!"

"No... he's right... I'm his son..." the boy steps forward. "I knew something was messed up when I was 10. I didn't see it before because I had everything... but when I turned 10, he wanted me to learn how to 'control' people... it felt wrong. When I tried to defy him, he ignored me. He didn't want anyone to know he had a 'failure' of a son. I wanted to help, your highness... but I was terrified what would happen to me if I got caught..." he falls to his knees, sobbing. "He's right; I'm no better."

Sandra gently nudges him. "You're wrong. You feel sorry for everything. You are better than Luther... that's if you're sincere. Can you prove your sincerity?"

"I'll do anything, your highness." He looks up.

"Then I'll keep you as pet. I'm sure that's alright?"


The boy ignores him. "Of course, as long as my kingdom is cared for."

"And Greg and I will take care of Luther" I wink.


This story is a part of my series, Dragon's Pet. Please check it out!


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So the afterlife is just another place, and people searching for peace just keep finding their own hell... and Satan isn't even really evil... pretty interesting.


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Someone said something similar in response to another story with a husband. Seems like people don't take kindly to leaving behind eternal happiness for some reason...


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The more complex a structure, the higher the odds that something goes wrong. ANYONE can make a PAPER boat, but even trying to craft a simple WOODEN boat requires careful planning and consideration.