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Believe it or not there are some individuals in this world that due to the way we look, color of skin, are inherently not safe around cops.


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Sorry, this is the wrong Springfield so removing.

Edit: OP meant MO, just put the wrong one in the post.


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Aye! Gonna try this again. My wife and I are looking for another couple who plays xbox for some 4 player gaming. Especially Stardew Valley but we have game pass and play other games. We're in our mid/late 20's and pretty chill, and also down for IRL friendships too. We're pretty social and like meeting new people. You're more than welcome to DM.


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I'm fine with risqué comedy. I saw David Koechner (Todd Packer from the office) and he certainly told many similar types of jokes. Even down to the whole "wife annoying" "something something gay people stuff" and a bit of punching down. But I actually found his stuff enjoyable and had a good time even if the topics were the usual.

Yeah, I'll admit it's not my favorite type of comedy, but there's a difference between crass for crass sake, and part of a well thought out comedy routine.

It's totally fine if other people like him; I just didn't find his routine compelling at all, and even found it just unfun to listen too. I've heard other people with similar types of humor and enjoyed their acts. His act just felt out of touch and made the women in our group uncomfortable, and not in a "good comedy is edgy" kind of way.


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MudLounge downtown is a good spot. Limited menu, but Kingdom Coffee on Lone Pine has a few drinks they serve though I've never ordered. If you like beer I highly recommend 4by4; dollar off Fridays if you bring your laptop.


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Low key pretty awesome even if just to give the staff time off. You can tell they like the Chiefs there, and better wings than any Bills fan has ever had. 😂

Hands down the best spot to watch Chiefs in Springfield. My wife and I always go a few times each year and it's a blast.


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I'd conceed overpriced. I think their black coffee is better, but Mudhouse does things like lattes better. IMO it's hard to qualify coffee shops because you can have so many different things on the menu.


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Damn, that one probably has a good shot of being sold though. I know they sold once after the original owner passed, so hopefully there's still interest. I feel like the quality isn't as good as it used to be but their Table Rock Red and IPA are pretty good.