CthuluSpecialK t1_ja6xmvz wrote

Oh, in my cases the tab broke off before the scored part of the lid was pushed down. I might've misunderstood what happened to OP, but in my cases as the tabs broke off (I don't remember the brand of drink) I just knocked the scored part of the lid inward with something hard. Just a little "bop" down holding something hard.


CthuluSpecialK t1_ja5zjrf wrote

Honestly... it's happened to me countless times before and I just grab something small and hard, like the handle of a butter knife, or a bic lighter, or anything really... and just pop down onto the scored part of the lid with whatever's hard in my hand... easy peasy. Easier than peeling the whole top off the can in any event.

Although, no hate to OP, peeling the top off the can does feel cool... so points for that, but 0 points for efficacy.

OP should have titled the picture, "Got frustrated when the tab didn't pop, and had to teach the can a lesson" would have gotten more upvotes than claiming this as "creative" methinks... still, no hate.