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> "The basics of “The Santa Clauses” go like this: 28 years into his run as Santa, a 65-year-old Scott (Allen) finds himself at a crossroads. His wife Carol (Mitchell), once an ambitious school principal, is restless and bored in the more anonymous role of Mrs. Clause; their teenaged kids Buddy (Austin Kane) and Sandra (Allen’s own daughter Elizabeth Allen-Dick) are growing up isolated and “weird,” having known no other world than the North Pole. Then, head elf Betty (Matilda Lawler of “Station Eleven,” doing her very best with what she has) finds a new loophole clause granting Scott the option to retire. Reluctant and resigned, Scott takes it, moves the family back to Chicago, and hands the keys over to single father Simon (Kal Penn), who promptly sees the North Pole as more of a business opportunity than a responsibility."


> "If “The Santa Clauses” were “The Santa Clause 4: The Santa Clauses,” its tendency to indulge the silly and saccharine could be forgiven. As a “Disney+ original series,” it’s simply bit off more “nutty fudgy teacakes” than it can chew."