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They never tell you the specifications it's frustrating. I'm going to spend an hour just trying to figure out if they finally figured out how to increase the battery life past 2 hours. SPOT only lasts 2 hours on a single charge which means what you want (humanoid robots being integrated in businesses) is currently bottlenecked to fancy novelty display for now. Because just having more than one of these requires an insane amount of physical storage space in a dedicated charging room just to work for 2 hours. So the only practical use case for now is robotics in warehouse jobs.

Once batteries allow 8+ hours of nonstop operation, then it gets exciting but idk how long that's going to take. Probably within the decade because finally EVs are going to become standardized which should have happened forever ago but boomer capitalists love making young people turn old before change happens so my life is just a pointless transitory tech desert purgatory. I'll die right when anti aging tech becomes viable as a cruel irony in this torture sim we all live in.

I'm probably just being a little to doomer since I'm only 30... But I lived through decades of still ongoing culture war bs just so people like me can even be acknowledged that we exist not just as a joke. But an actual real person... It's why I'm doomer that any change will ever happen because humans take hundreds of years to understand basic shit.


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The classic trick was asking for a photo that has any specific word you ask to put in that photo. But I guess that can be generated in real time. In any case I've spent a long time trying to develop genuine connections with people online and it's really not worth it unless you have money to travel all the time.

Best way for connection is real life interactions but society doesn't build centers for everyone to go to anymore. Real life is just work work and meet someone whose already married and only thinks about their kids. Basically nothing... But loneliness.


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Life expectancy is low in America because most people can't afford healthcare. If you can afford healthcare and you're under 30 lev seems probable good odds. Maybe even 50 year olds but it always just comes down to health care cost


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Needs to be smaller than that and portable energy sources are the main bottle neck still in regards to reducing the size of computers. Best we got is carrying a battery the size of a suitcase that can charge using solar panels. Idk how we can make energy sources smaller than that. I hate being dependant on the electrical grid.

And if you want to travel they limit the battery size on planes that you can bring for safety reasons. So there's still a lot to figure out in terms of energy sources for portable devices of that caliber.


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Yeah but you will also have entire groups of people against all of what you just said which equates to what our current political situation is as in a complete gridlock on the system so it just stays as it currently is.

And also there are people born with neurology that is psychopathy as well so even if we had a better system corruption would still happen I guess it'd be more recognized and addressed however the problem would still persist until we figure out how human brains work. And hope to God that the medical staff in charge of understanding our brains isn't corrupted when that happens.


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Once we figure out how to condense the power of a desktop PC into the size of a thin wearable bandage that draws power from your own body. But that'll be ages from now so the next best option is using those robo dogs as mules to carry a heavy PC for you once batteries get good. But you'd also have to normalize that culturally.

And creating a mobile VR setup is basically just AR at that point. Unless we normalize staying at home as the new culture. But society is run by people who think everyone likes going outside so...