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We’re chilling and prepping tomorrow for a Friendsgiving because we’ve made friends with a few international college kids @ VCU who shockingly have never celebrated Thanksgiving. We’ll have beer, soju, food, drinks, and lots of games to be played. Including drinking games 😂😂


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Okay fully understandable. But also… know of any places I can… sneaky link IWAV because I don’t have that streaming service and I ADORED the books.

Most of the sighting were way ago in the late 1800-early 1900s from what I know personally (my job is to legit find urban legends and mythological creatures stories) I suggest looking the HS Wolf up, you’ll find some crude sketches and such


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Apparently the Byrd theatre is haunted by two ghosts (at the least) that have made themselves known. One is a little girl who hangs out in the women’s restroom and one is a former manager, Mr. Coulter, who ran the Byrd from 1928-1971.

The Byrd Pump House is allegedly haunted by Daniel Tetweiler (hung himself there), a Shade named Elizabeth, and “Spectra” a known woman in white.

Julep, the restaurant used to be a weapons shop and the former owner, a Mr. James McNaught, killed his assistant gunsmith at point blank range with a torpedo to his chest in 1826.

Tuckahoe Plantation… self explanatory there.

Cold Harbor battlefield, again… self explanatory. General Robert E Lee Celine rated one of his victories against Grant there and loads of people died.

There’s allegedly a werewolf in Highland Springs, out in Henrico roughly almost always seen around the Confederate Hills Rec Center. He’s reported to be around 6 feet tall, with the body of a man and the face of a wolf. Theorists believe he’s a lot like a Japanese Obake, a shapeshifting ghost meant to be the inspiration for Pennywise (as in he takes on the form of people’s fears) but he exists for one moment, you blink or look away and he’s gone.

And finally, the Richmond Vampire (which u/cinnamonotter22 mentioned)