Cultural_Attitude_42 t1_j6peu3h wrote

Ooh ooh ooh.... I have one

My wife's dad (who recently died) donated

My wife said her dad's remains are about ready for pickup from the mortuary, well about 20-30% of him, since he donated parts of his body (organs) for others, research, etc.

I asked, "how does that make you feel?"

She said, "kinda weird"...

I said, "I understand, it's kinda weird thinking that someone who just walked by could have your dad eye...!"

She said, "Yeah, same!"

I said the next day, "I think that guy has your dad's eye... He just winked at you, like your dad used to..."

She said, "That's not funny, but kinda sorta is at the same time..."

I looked her in the eyes and said, "it's a dead-eye Dad joke..."