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Every time I see one of these articles pop up, I lose a little more faith in humanity.


Apps should be on a whitelist basis only.

Unless you're in a public-facing role specifically meant for marketing/communication, this shouldn't even be a thing. Any competent IT team would have these policies on lock before it was even an issue.


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I'm in the pacific northwest, it's raining here all the time.

I want a waterproof/seam taped pack with support structure of a hiking bag

You can do this with some Arcteryx bags


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The materials they are using, some of the tech and design elements have definitely improved over time.

For their packs, I think the best build quality is with their AC2 tech

They are fully waterproof, completely seam sealed bags.

I've got 3 made with this tech. Nothing else on the market seems to come even close.


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Here's my personal take,

They're still good, their quality control is insane. I go to their factory outlet in North Van and see their factory seconds. Half the time I can't even see the cosmetic defects even when the tag points them out.

However, almost none of their stuff is made in Canada anymore. Exceptions being the Alpha SV, their military LEAF line, and their Professional line. Essentially "when life is on the line".

My personal take is their golden age was when they were owned by Amer, from mid 2000s to around the mid 2010s. And definitely before Amer was controlled by Chinese firm Anta. They have a lot more casual products now, and some high end fashion collabs. They're chasing fashion and mainstream instead of hard users. While I would say their stuff is well made and durable. Very few of their packs would I classify as indestructible.

The Alpha SK is a recent pack that was bomb proof, it's gone now.

The Naos and Arrakis, are long gone. And nothing they have come even close to those in terms of durability.


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Think of it this way,

If a piece of equipment can last a week in a commercial kitchen, it can last years in a home kitchen.

If it can last more than a year in that environment?
Then you're in BIFL territory

Often times, they perform better and are easier to clean and cheaper as well


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Absolutely I agree with those unintended consequences that could happen. Doesn't mean they will though.

I'm the same way Russian people want to be part of the modern western world, they are accountable for their own country. They swarmed and waited for hours when McDonald's came to Russia. At the end of the day, they do understand western products, science and medicine.


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That's a bit too simplistic. It's not just about replenishing inventory levels.
Ukraine is also free advertising for the might of the American military industrial complex. The more it can flex on the Russians, the better it looks.

For context, Poland previously had 20 HIMARS on order.

Now they want 500 units.

That's not rockets, that's the actual vehicle launch system.

How throw in the parts and service, the supply vehicle and the rocket reloads,

and now Poland sees how much ammo is needed for a sustained fight?

You're thinking medium amount of milking it. Ukraine only has 16 HIMARS at this point.

This Poland result is the big picture of milking it.


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Ukraine has already been hitting targets in Russia. Just not with western kit.

They have also been highly disciplined with the gear provided by the USA. Unless I'm mistaken, they have not lost a single HIMARS unit in the months they have been there or we'd see that all over Russian media.

They have been shown to follow instructions.

Possible provocation is just based on Russian perception which is totally arbitrary anyways.


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That's been the justification not the send Ukraine ATACMS,

But if we're going to be honest, if Ukraine was told "our continued support of you is contingent these ATACMS don't get used on Russian territory proper", they would quite likely follow that directive.

Ukraine has already been hitting targets in Russia, just not with western long-range weapons. It's been drone attacks and sabotage.


Let's just unlock the Ukrainians so they can at least hit every spot within their borders including Crimea.


Sevastopol naval base? and all the ships and supplies there?


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The US and allies should be supplying Ukraine with longer range munitions to delete every Russian piece of kit in Crimea

Limiting the Ukrainians to artillery duels of similar ranges to the Russians is just dragging this out and costing the lives of Ukrainian soldiers and innocent women and children.

Give them the gear to end this sooner. Let's stop half-assing the help.


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"in the manner it's used" is the problem, the religion is baked into the culture.

It's like saying "god bless you". Sure that's culture. But the foundations where it comes from brings with it that women have less rights.

At the core, the police and the religious olds don't match the basic human rights the rest of us accept as a baseline. Culture is not an excuse. Religion is being an enabler of abuse is even worse.


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"if Allah wills"?

Seriously? That's your response?

Religious zealot asshats are a core source of the problem.

Sure, we can debate whether God exists or not.

But for somebody to claim their actions are acting in his will? Alright, show me the receipts. This has been and is an ongoing major contributor to the history of violence of mankind. This is why the Middle East is a total shit show.

Fantasy and fiction over reality.

It seems like the Iranian people are saying "I don't care what God wills, this is what I will". Until he descends from his hypocritical throne in the heavens, that's a good message to me.