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That is exactly what the theory is. I think mdma is more promising based only on the health risks with ibogaine, it's hard on your heart and liver or kidney (think liver). Check out mapps.Org they are studying mushrooms and mdma and where the first to start/get approved to do human studies. They also are focusing on vets and there partners. Super interesting


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If you're doing dmt right it doesn't seem more profound than lsd it simply is. I have never left this planet on lsd and I used to do way to high a dose. I've only met my guide or the aliens on mushrooms and dmt. Ket got close but to disassociative to transcend to different plane


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It's the zero cravings that gets me. Like I want to drink beer for the taste but the idea of alcohol's turns me off to it. Used to start thinking about drinking at 2pm then went to never thinking about it at all.

Starting to be socially acceptable now to, that's cool


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The funny part is it's entirely a side effect. Was ketamine for me but I just totally lost all urge to drink. Went home and just stopped with a beer fridge full of good micro and macro brews. I was told it could happen but thought "yeah right, if you're looking for that sure" I didn't have a problem per say but I drank 4-5 beers 5 days a week then nothing for 3 years, started drinking again for a month and just don't like it anymore. I will have a drink on holidays/special occasions but just one. I do miss the taste of beer a lot though, just no urge to drink it. Crazy


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I use them daily at work. I have 6 images mounted that I use daily and use them to transfer data in a pinch. Without flash drives my daily life at work would suck. Consumers don't really have a use for thumb drives but every device you have has flash memory in it.

I'm in IT and they are used all the time. They have m.3 flash drives even. That's what I use and they are not cheap. Lots of tech stuff need them, it's how you load shit


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It's all relative, I never thought it was painful to pay 250 for a 512kb drive. I was the biggest swinging dick with that drive, didn't have to uninstall any game ever.

Point is the new 100 dollar drive is the 1tb and that's bigger than you need right now just like the 512kb was bigger than I needed. No pain just progress, you pay to be on the cutting edge and those that do are happy to. I never once bitched about buying new tech


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Maybe dive into it a bit before making a bunch of assumptions. If you want to do some creative writing fine but don't mask that as intelligent conversation with absolutely no basis in the subject matter spoken on


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Up until this brand new discovery that has been being worked on over the last decade the crazy people you speak of were 100% correct. This is great news but the issues people were previously worried about was real until this new discovery.

When you dismiss proponents based on newly discovered tech that was not available when the proponents made their concerns heard you take away from your credibility. Let's pull your head out of your ass and critically think for a moment. If what they said was true how were they trolls? You're the only troll I see here


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Yeah should work fine, I do it now and have been for a while. Not sure what valve they have on the big guy so might need an adaptor. Also you probably used a bit more than 2gal., If they filled it in a warm day the gas expands a lot. You can only get a good read on propane by weight so don't be surprised if you go through a few tanks, still less than 80 bucks. Also to get a tank. a lot of uhuals just leave the bad tanks out that people pay them to take. Ask for or take one and exchange it at HD or Lowes, save 40-60 bucks