Cuppa_Miki t1_iy843qj wrote

You are an ordinary human, on your way to work when suddenly....suddenly.....a....FUCK. It's no use. There's no prompts to be written about getting a cheeky coffee on the way to the office. There's no inspiration in a Supermarket Meal Deal. The only super worth prompting is the heroic kind. But after five stories about a super villain and hero interacting in an unexpected way, six about aliens finding humans surprising and eight around how amazing I would be if I gained superpowers/was born as alien. I was tapped.

Sure, I could pop on an Avengers film and think about how much shorter the film would be had I been there with my own powers. But I craved more interaction in my wish fulfillment than that. I craved strangers furiously typing on their phones from my bare bones instructions. I craved the notifications. I sighed, let go of any attempt at artistic integrity and started to type again.

'You are a Superhero who just found out their room mate is an alien supervillain, but he always pays his rent on time and is a great cook...'

Now it was six.