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This trick has been used by kindergarten teachers as well as bar bouncers. Speak softly, and they have to shut up in order to hear what you're saying. Also, if you need to remove a toddler and/or drunk guy from a situation, it gives you an excuse to say, "Let's go talk over there so we can hear each other."

But this only works if the drunk toddler actually cares what you're saying.


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This comedy video will help. It's about 20 minutes long, by Boy Boy, featuring I Did A Thing and some dudes from The Chaser I guess.

How Much Money Can We Launder In A Day?

Basically, a dude was a whistleblower pointing out how casinos and slot machines are incredibly easily used for money laundering. In response, the casinos tried to utterly ruin his life, both via the legal system and by firebombing his house.