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The God gamble. When you think about it we’re kinda going thru the same thing God goes through in the Old Testament. He regrets his creation, regrets creating man bc they bring shame upon Him. Then Jesus comes along and God finds a way to love His creation again. God makes a sacrifice and His relationship with his kids is good again. We need that Jesus figure, that sacrifice. What does man have to sacrifice for us to stop fearing/hating/regretting AI? Probably our pride


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The natural human brain is an evolutionary product, it’s not designed to experience that much beauty. We want life to be beautiful, evolution only wants it to be adequate. That’s why we want transhumanism—to enhance the beauty of life that we already experience. Because nature doesn’t give us enough


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Well I’m happy for you. I did therapy for years and I did experience that chest pain ease from it but fundamentally I was unchanged. And it cost a tonne of money which makes me question how ethical the practice really is. I would rather the world stop reinforcing our existing habits and instead accelerate our reliance on tech which has proven to be far more capable than human hands and human minds manually doing stuff. By going back to therapy I feel like I would be validating the world as it is which is not what I want to do. We could automate so many jobs tomorrow if we had the will to. And we could invent brain editing tech too if we really wanted to. Too many people finding satisfaction in the way things are is why we can’t have the wonders of tomorrow today


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Yea what we have now isn’t that great. If we work extremely hard we might manage to mostly overcome the problem, but most people understandably just aren’t capable of making that huge of a long-term determined effort to change their own self.

That’s why I want tech to do the job and do it for real. It’s frustrating knowing my problem is a few inches above my eyes and yet it rules over my life so much. I wanna dig it out and throw it in the trash


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Yea but there’s plenty of people whose minds are kind of ruined by traumatic events and/or unrealistic expectations and that prevents them from reaching the healthy mind frame very often or for very long. We need to develop tech that can fix those broken brains and prime them for that healthy mindset at least. The psychological drug medications we’ve developed aim to do that but don’t really succeed bc they’re too primitive and don’t act on the brain in a precise way


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I think we should use technology to put us into this “ideal” state of mind round the clock. Not a life of senseless pleasure, but a life of strong character and sociability with each other. The ideal human character that has self-esteem but is also humble. A humble happiness, and we could spend our time doing tasks that reinforce this character. I could try to explain it more but I’ll leave it at that


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Why we gotta wait until 2024 to start clinical trials? There’s lots of ppl dying right now who would probably like to be experimented on like this today. What have they got to lose? We are so cautious with trials bc we don’t want to do harm but dgaf about harm being done by our lack of cures