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I don't think being there every season is the point tho. I don't strive for that for my club

It's about good football to me and achieving a better result than last season

For sure, without billionaires teams cannot convert their fortunes in a few years. But it can happen in a span of a decade or something. It definitely can happen. We get suprise winners a lot these days

But the new rules are still a problem. Idk I personally feel if things can be fair for every club. Money won't affect football that much.


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This is my take on it

If FIFA fix the schedule, bring 3 Subs only back and fix some other rules.... Money genuinely doesn't affect football that much. It affects it, but not to THAT degree

Liverpool didn't need expensive signings to win UCL, Arsenal this season, even clubs like Brighton or West Ham

You don't need expensive signings

Real Madrid is sorta the only club where money seems to affect how they play. But that's always been their DNA, hate the club but respect how they make a system out of picking random stars from everywhere


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I know a life long Inter fan, like this guy knows football history, knows everything, he's sorta like a ultra, but I was in utter shock when he was begging to be bought by Saudis.

But look at Brighton, or Liverpool (don't spend much) or West Ham last season, Arsenal this season. I shouldn't be saying this even as a Barca fan, but to some extent even Barca with Pedri/Gavi/Araujo. These weren't expensive signings.

I still feel talent can overshadow money. Its just that how modern football is with the schedules and the new rules that you need money.

Schedules need fixing and 3 subs only need to be brought back


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Well you can say whatever you want, but the ownership in football is absolutely a joke right now

Regardless of how it has affected football, I see people, even life long fans of their clubs begging for Saudi owners

It's disgusting honestly


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But the guy does not need money. That's the thing

He's not a underrated talent that was never in big teams. He was in RMA and won multiple championships. He is a brand, he makes a ton of money

That's why this move is so weird

But I assume he's moving to business now. He's gonna use this money for his businesses


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When Endgame ended I really hoped they'd bring the Infinity Saga villians back.

It can honestly happen.

I would love if we don't hear about the Avengers for like 10 years. Then suddenly these Infinity Saga villians return and are beating the hell out of the new heroes... Then plays the classic Avengers : Alan Silvestei... And boom. Here they are.


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I was pissed at Phase 4 because they showed important stories and charachters even tho they promised Shows were going to be optional.

This is fine. They're just telling a comic book story that seemingly won't be related to the main movies. So watch it if you want to, you don't have to.