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Non-jailbroken iPhones can't get viruses to my knowledge. Android phones can but only if you install apps from outside the app store. Viruses aren't just something that happens to devices, they require user input to install, with a small handful of exceptions on PCs.


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It's just a case. They're meant to protect from minor every day impacts. If you want something that can protect your phone from something as extreme as falling off a bag while riding a bike you're gonna need a really big really thick case with a bunch of shock absorption. If OP was riding a bike that phone was moving pretty fast when it fell and was fairly high up. All that energy has to go somewhere and some plastic with a bit of air is only capable of doing so much.

When I used to ride bikes I had my old Galaxy nearly snap in half when I crashed one time.


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That's good to know. And yeah the simplicity will be nice too. My Pixel does have some annoying quirks, the worst of which is skipping audio if multiple devices are connected to one Bluetooth speaker, even if the others aren't playing. Looking forward to 99% of things just working, even if there's some 1% where having an Android may be more useful.


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Luckily for me I'm not attached to my photos, I probably won't even transfer most of them. I can see why that would be obnoxious though since most people are more invested in their photos than that. Glad everything else integrates well though.


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I can't imagine not using a screen protector because I'd really hate how many scratches I'd have on my screen after a year of ownership. I've had to change the TPU protector on my Pixel 6 Pro like once a month because of falls and scrapes that have taken chips out of it. Sure am glad it's scratching a cheap rubbery film instead of an expensive screen.


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Depends on how much they dumb it down and take shortcuts. I think they could cut a lot of corners instead of being real AI constantly. Games where NPCs harvest resources and stuff have existed forever, just using simple pathfinding and stuff. All they'd need to do to make it feel alive is have a lot of different structures and whatnot the AI could progress towards building, and have them choose which one they're gonna build at world generation. Possibly have AI calculate variations and additions. If it's out of sight of the player it doesn't need to be true AI or even real-time.


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Because they're not emergency care facilities and have to fill hundreds of prescriptions per day as well as deal with insurance issues, idiotic doctors, moronic customers, give vaccines, and run Covid tests. If you want a drug refilled then why not use some common sense and call in advance to have it filled? If you've got a new script to drop off then yeah you're gonna be waiting because clearly you're not in imminent need otherwise you'd still be at the hospital. Put on your big boy pants and suck it up, nobody gives a shit.


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People who get "the wrong prescription" 99% of the time are just dipshits who don't know what pills they take and put in refill requests for the wrong ones. They're still prescribed those meds, they just don't actually want them for whatever reason. Very different scenario than giving someone meds they weren't prescribed.

And yes, it's standard practice to fill for 90 days instead of 30 when the prescription and insurance both allow it. That's fully intentional and not a mistake.

Gotta understand when you hear things from outside the pharmacy or read threads like these, a huge portion of retail pharmacy patients are dumb as bricks and often cause problems for themselves because they don't have the faintest clue about anything involving their own healthcare or how the healthcare system operates. And of course they'll try and somehow twist their own mistakes around to be the pharmacy's mistake, because they're incapable of being accountable for themselves. Working in a pharmacy is honestly fucking awful just because of how incredibly stupid the people you have to deal with are. They're the types of people to piss straight into a jet engine's backdraft after you tell them not to and then scream at you because they got wet.


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Drug interactions have been automatically checked by pharmacy software since like the 90s. Pill counting machines have also existed. The trouble with automating a pharmacy technician's job is how dynamic it is. Pharmacy techs do like 20 different things all throughout the day to keep the pharmacy going. Putting pills into bottles is just one part of the equation, and even that's not always cut and dry.

It'll be a good few decades before pharmacy techs start getting replaced I'd wager. Pharmacists are probably in the same boat. In a retail setting anyway. You could definitely run a mail order pharmacy without techs, assuming you had people to maintain the machines and stock the pills.


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I'd feel safe with it. I've built a house by hand before including a roof and ceiling joists are fucking beefy, an adult could probably play with whatever you're setting up without issue assuming that you build it in such a way that the weight is distributed across several joists instead of all on one. That's assuming you don't have anything insanely heavy on the top floor and the boards aren't damaged or rotten or anything.