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Thanks! I’m certainly not at a “buy a cow/large portion of a cow and have it processed” point in my life. I have neither the freezer space to store that much, nor the mouths to feed. 99% of what I buy is day to day basic, X chicken breasts, Y chicken thighs, Z chop meat, etc.

A few times a year though I like to bbq for a few dozen people, and well, a good butcher helps with that a lot! (And the everyday stuff is that much better)

Thanks again!


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Absolutely. I’m originally from Oregon. Just about everyone I know out there that smokes weed and has any amount of land grows at least a couple of plants. Some grow great weed. Some grow shitty weed. If they end up with shitty weed, oh no, they have to go to the dispo where ounces start at $30.