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Unionize. That’s how you get shit done. Weekends, 8-hour days, minimum wages, all of those were started by unions. I do really believe that’s how the world works, because that’s what I went to college and studied on for four years.

It’s unbelievably fucked, but that’s how capitalism works. Higher level executives make a much bigger impact, even though the frontline worker works harder and has a tougher job. But that doesn’t matter for wages. It’s not based on how hard you work, but instead your wages are based on money in compared to money out, and the supply/demand for the labor for your role.


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I’m not saying they’re essential to the business, I’m just saying that a CEO coming up with a restructuring model, once, can save millions of dollars a year for a big company. There’s really nothing that a grocery store cashier can do that will save the store millions of dollars, and the labor of a single cashier make turn the store 10 or 20 thousand dollars a year. It’s just a matter of scale. Someone making big decisions that impact hundreds or thousands of workers has a way bigger impact than someone on the frontline of the business. That’s why you want to find a really really good one, and to do that you’ll need to pay what they ask for, because if you don’t, another company will and you’ll lose your guy.