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Albums didn't happen till quite late on - relatively speaking - in musical history. Most records were 2 track or 4 track EPs until the 3 1/3 LP came along (about 1948 according to Wikipedia) The BBC did a very good documentary on "Concept Albums" which covered this.

I'd make a bid for Rock with Bill Haley and the Comets - rock and roll was the first counterculture musical phenomenon that I can think of.


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I remember seeing that on Swap Shop one Saturday in 78... On TOTP she performed live (and insisted on being live). Still a great song (I prefer her first 3 albums to the later stuf...I'm old)


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It's not just England - I went to an after hours reception in the National Museum of Scotland, and part of that included a tour of the archives - rooms and rooms of artefacts locked away in the basement. Art galleries are the same - hundreds of paintings locked away in basements, rarely being seen by the public. We should use the dialogs that are evolving round the Elgin Marbles and other disputed artefacts to start a re-evaluation of the collections - what we should show, what we should store, what should we re-patriate, and what to do with the surplus.


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Weirdly it was Killing Joke at the Garage in Glasgow in the mid-90s. Jaz Coleman got one of his anti-establishment red mists and was haranguing every one about the evils of the Tory government "they fucked you all in the ass man, they fucked you all" whilst Geordie and Youth kept the riff going. He was eventually, still declaiiming loudly, dragged off stage by the club bouncers as they wanted to open the place as a nightclub.


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I was clearing on office last year and found a 20ish year old palm pilot - I put it in the charging cradle, and 3 hours later I had - and stil have -a fully functioning, touch screen palm pilot. Which I could use. And it would be about as much use as an axe made by Homo Heidelbergensis - work maybe once or twice then disintegrate.