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I moved to Germany and had the surgery here. I only paid a bit for the hospital stay and a bit for the medicine from the pharmacy. Maybe €30-50 total. Everything else was covered by insurance because it was prescribed as "curative" treatment by my ENT.


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I had a deviated septum corrected and they removed some tissue in my frontal sinus to open space. My OSA was partially caused by a chronic sinus inflammation due to low airflow in some areas.


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Just had surgery to correct my OSA two months ago, at 31 years old. It's also REALLY bad for your heart. Glad to hear that the damage might be reversible. Wish I could have had the surgery sooner but US healthcare be like $$$.


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I love the low effort you put into your dismissals. Can't even respond to a single, direct question.

It's as simple as I don't make unnecessary assumptions about people I don't know, especially when it's based on what I read on social media. Some people prefer to take the first thing they read and then run around shouting it at everyone. To each their own, I suppose.


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Are you under the impression that people with exceptional means are in the same circumstances as the rest of us? Do you honestly believe that these hyperwealthy people are not segregated from the general public? That seems extremely naive.

And again, do you think Musk would enjoy being surrounded by liberal figureheads? Or do you think they might be pretty shitty to hang around with, to keep up appearances? Would you voluntarily go into the room of people who hate you and/or refuse to be seen with you?


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Actually, I did recently comment on that reddit post. I'll find what I said, just for special little you.


>My first thought was that he is isolated from liberal figureheads because they don't want to be seen with him since he is hot in the media right now, and then he is also extremely wealthy so that is going to mean he ends up in a certain area with a certain VIP status. The only people he could interact with are probably these types. I don't think him and Murdoch go golfing or have late night chats. But who knows.


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Implying that the podcast (that doesn't even have Musk in it) is the lynchpin of "understanding Elon Musk" makes you look really disingenuous.

I'm sure we could comb through your political opinions and find conservative opinions. Does that make you a conservative? Or does that just make you an individual with nuanced opinions? How many conservative opinions is a "liberal" allowed to have before they get their membership revoked? Fewer than you? The same as you? That would be convenient.

Edit: oh, would you look at that. I listened to the podcast and at 2:00:00 they start discussing the topic of labelling people as one thing or the other based on one data point. In fact, they basically repeat my argument.

Edit2: typical. Asked a question they don't like their own answer to, so they just leave.

How many conservative opinions is a "liberal" allowed to have before they get their membership revoked by you?


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I love when people express their opinions on something, then when people disagree they assume that the other person is "bought and paid for".

Nevermind that these people are on a first name basis and have personal relationships. This would be like me telling you my friend is left-leaning (based on knowing them), and you telling me they are far-right and I'm "bought and paid for" because you read a blog. That's just a stupid argument to make. You have no idea what you are talking about.

I actually skipped over that podcast, but now I need to listen to it because people keep bitching about it. But that's just par for the course, I guess

Edit: I listened to the podcast. At 2:00:00 they discuss exactly this and make the same point I am making.


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It's not rushed out. If you read the actual paper, it literally says across every single page that it is still in the process of review. If you choose to disregard that information and take it as truth, that's you not understanding how the system works. It's no fault of the researchers and no indication of the quality of the research.

Source: I write and publish scientific papers for work.


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>Which you can’t assume readers will be responsible with this information. Therefore, an irresponsible article.

"Lay people cannot be trusted with information. They are too stupid to think for themselves and need to be told what to think."

What an anti-scientific take. Do better.


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We'd have to see the average age of the products that were recalled. In my mind, recalls usually happen pretty soon after a model is released. It doesn't take 10 years for something to need to be recalled. I think it usually shows up in the first two years. I'd have to check though.

The average time between release and recall should decrease, if over-the-air software updates are being considered recalls. Those will only get more common.