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What an Asinine and ridiculous comment. How is that supposed to save the planet? How is that going to stop CO2 emissions, stop our ocean current from collapsing, stop desertification, and clean up the monumental amount of pollution in our cities and countrysides? How does creating a video in "4k, 60fps" going to reverse climate change? stop a complete ecological collapse?

It isn't and "preserving our culture" means jack shit when our planet is no longer liveable. Just stop and think before posting such stupid and ridiculous comments.


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What quality? The human body is so fragile in every way that even the smallest of organisms can kill us. A simple cut could turn into something very deadly.

Do you honestly think an ASI would not design a form better than the human body? One that is more adaptive and better suited to the environment than the human? And what makes you think the ASI would need human structures or human traits?

At this point, if we are going to make the ASI human, might as well just keep having babies. There is absolutely no need and benefit to adapting AI to be human other than ego.


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Ask yourself this, If you could right now, with no side effects or issues in the future, merge with an ant? A dolphine? a monkey/gorilla?

I'm willing to bet the answer is no because A. We are much more intelligent than them and B. Would offer no benefits to you (plenty of other reasons).

So then ask yourself why an AGI or ASI, being more intelligent than every human in existence, would want to merge with us? What benefit would we give it when it can do everything better and faster?


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Lol, I don't believe AGI will be here in 5 years! Nor did I mention it so where do you percieve that I believe that? FYI, I believe it will be in 2050-2065 Just so you know.

Admitting you are wrong is okay, Learn and grow as a person. Acting immature because your ego and statement got proven false makes you look weak and stupid as a person.


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Delusional? While I agree with you that some people on this sub are a bit off the rails in terms of timelines and technology, The fact that we are automating isn't. But I am guessing you made that statement without doing any research else you wouldn't look like an imbecile at the moment.

Everything is becoming automated in one way or the other. The Car industry is partially automated, Amazon's wharehouses among others, hell even fast food places are (Ordering off a kiosk rather than a cashier) etc. It is plain and simple, Hell you see it everyday if you paid an ounce of attention.

The first jobs to go would be labor intensive and menial tasks that can be easily automated. Other industries will take more time. I am not saying this is going to happen overnight nor within the next 20 years.

To believe itherwise would be Delusional as you put it regardless hpw much you want to believe to the contrary.

Edit. This is based off science and technology. Just in case you think I am saying stuff for the sake of ego. Research it yourself, Its amazing what you can find.


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I disagree, If they could automate it with 100% efficiency and accuracy, they would have. Lets take McDonald's for an example. Why pay 3 different minimum wage employees to work a 24/7 shift when you can have a robot that works 24/7 without pay, without having to have an insuarance policy or potential wcb (workers compensation benefit) or breaks?

I don't know about the states but here minimum wage is 15. 15 x 24 is 360 so as long as it is economically feasible, they would definitely be replaced in an instant.


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According to this sub: " MoNeY wIlL be IrRelEvaNt in ThE FutUre" blah blah blah.

The real answer: You can't, at least not directly. Your best bet would be to invest in public companies (Like Google) who are investing in AI.