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Sorry for the delay, I don’t always check my messages. If you’ve ever seen The Queen’s Gambit, and how she plays chess on the ceiling. I do that. I can play and replay those types of games in my head and see the moves I made and make changes and watch the games play out in my head. Especially if I play regularly.

To that effect it definitely occupies my mind and can be a good distraction when needed.


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We just went to a wedding in Pocahontas state park. The actual wedding site was nice quiet and secluded but the reception hall probably would not fit 150. But that was just the one we were at they might have larger dining halls.

Amber Grove out in Moseley is nice and has quite a bit of room, but not sure of the pricing.

Also ask Maymont park owners for their rates.

Edit: didn’t read the indoors part. But I’ll leave my suggestions.


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ID shouldn't affect stats, or reportability. showed only a single incident at the intersection in July of this year.

I also checked nbc 12's website and cbs 6. Went back through crime stories by date and nothing showed on either site.

This morning for good measure I checked for the four neighborhoods surrounding the incident location and found a few unrelated things for 9/27.