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Ah the blessed Congressional oversight some here were so desperate for. This entire hearing was largely spent shouting at or talking over the DC reps invited and entirely done for sound bites for campaigning. There was little discussion of things like the USAO issues, issues with police testimony aligning with the body cams, issues with the forensics lab, etc. Just a bunch of dogwhistles and completely uneducated assertions about the District and its residents.


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Metro has pretty consistently shown they can barely manage with the hours they have for maintenance, and a large part of what got them into a major hole in terms of maintenance in the 2000-2010s era was that the system prioritized more service at the cost of hours to get things done.

There are many maintenance activities that can move at much greater speeds when you can have both tracks down, and it's safer for the workers too. I'd certainly love 24/7 service, but Metro would need a fundamental restructuring of how it operates and how it does maintenance to even make it a remote possibility. The system wasn't built with 24/7 operation in mind.


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  • Reston Town Center has a shuttle bus to the main town center area, with more redevelopment coming closer to the station

  • Herndon is planning a big redevelopment of the offices north of the station to mixed use. If you're willing to walk about 15-20min along Herndon Parkway, there's a former industrial plaza turned commercial shops where you can find Weird Brothers Coffee and Wooboi Chicken, as well a few other spots.

  • Innovation Center on the south side has an Afghani restaurant as well as a Vietnamese restaurant and bar and few small shops near Icon apartments. There are 3 new mixed use developments under construction that will add more spots for bars and restaurants to that area as well

  • Dulles has planes

  • Loudoun Gateway is a park and ride/bus transfer stop surrounded by data centers and warehouses

  • Ashburn on the north side has an AMC theater, and mixed use spaces with a bunch of bars/restaurants and more development to come. Also more data centers nearby.


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I think this reflects which trains WMATA had in "cold storage" prior to the 7000 series issues. They probably never got the programming update that converted Route 772 to Ashburn.


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Not really. Look at London. Its primary focus of most its lines are to pass through the core of London. It is aided though by a massive amount of connections and interchanges that allow immense flexibility. Between the multiple lines with connections at key points, the Overground, the Elizabeth Line, DLR and a robust bus network, a problem on one line doesn't criple the network.

Adding a 4th trunk line (and more in the future even) through DC with more connections and transfer opportunities would do more to improve Metro service than express tracks ever could. Express service only really makes sense when you have the density for it. DC is not dense enough (and probably never will be) to justify the cost of adding express tracks and services on the Metro lines.


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What the rest of the world does is highly relevant, because running a railroad doesn't magically change physics and logistics because a border was crossed.

Most other systems make effective use of signaling and crossovers to maximize a two track configuration to allow quick bypass of problems. They also work to provide effective line density and connections to allow people to simply pick another path to their destination. Running quad track/express systems really only becomes beneficial when you have heavy density and ridership (we have neither of those currently). The money spent on quad track/express service can often be spent providing more service in a parallel corridor which both serves more people/neighborhoods and allows relief off lines when there may be a major issue on another line.