DCErik t1_jastqsy wrote

The Caravan is forming up in the predawn hours, in a Walmart parking lot in Columbia.

One by one, women of childbearing age arrive in cars driven by their mothers and grandmothers, and tearful goodbyes abound. Fleeing the violence and human rights abuses in their homeland, these women have no option but to seek freedom and safety in the first world.

The journey ahead is long, and fraught with danger, but these women see it as necessary to preserve their lives.

“Conditions here are just too dangerous,” said one woman, daughter in tow. “Between our failed health care system, 18th century economy, and the violence of our legislature against us, emigration is our only choice!”

“Women in my state should be considered ‘persons’ with rights, just like a fetus or blastocyst!”, said another.

In New York, California, and other states with “personhood” amendments for American women, preparations are being made to receive and acclimate refugees, while, in the fetus fetishizing states, the livestock are nervous.