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I can't envision how one officer ended up trapped in the car and the other one was dragged. I guess the one dragged was holding on to something? And are those officers okay I wonder.

Looks like the kid has been "critical missing" a bunch of times since he was younger. Parents probably never knew he was out stealing cars. Unbelievable that this is the city we live in.


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My eyes are watering right now thinking about their spicy deliciousness. I have a good Shophouse story. Through the incompetence of a doctor, I was told I was in "early labor." After a day of getting the runaround, and not letting me eat, and telling me I was going to have to stay in the hospital for 7 more weeks, I got up and much to GW's dismay, walked right the F out. Then I got on the metro, went to Dupont and sat my ass down at Shophouse to eat. Husband calls, "Where are you?" me: On the metro. Him: You're in labor and on the metro? me: I'm not in freaking labor, I know what labor is and this isn't it. Now I'm hungry and I'm going to Shophouse. Him: you have literally turned into your father before my eyes...


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You sound like a delightfully nasty person with so many solutions. Why not outline them for all of us so we can see how you’re going to fix the crime. Instead you pull a 7 year old pamphlet out of your ass and expect that it applies to kids who were 5 years old when it was written. Before a world pandemic. I’m dying laughing at what a moron you have proven yourself to be! 😂


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I've lived here a long time and I'm also surprised and scared of the crime here. I also think the comments making fun / laughing at this thread are pretty insensitive.

There are parts of the city I won't go to where I used to.

Don't walk and be staring at your phone. Keep money close to you and put some in your shoe. Leave any jewelry at home. The key is to keep your eyes and ears open.


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I don’t know much about this specific situation but knowing DC and how incompetent most agencies are, I would say to either keep calling or take it to the media. I think that’s the only thing that gets them moving these days.

Is it possible your prior employer did some bring to block your claim? I don’t know if that’s possible but just wondering.