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I don't watch baseball. I just learned about both the ban and the reaction to the ban from this post. That being said, couldn't the batters get the same analytical data and use it during practice to build the skill of hitting that gap they naturally avoid? It would make the shifting a disadvantage. If you go up to bat and see the team shift to right field because that's where you tend to hit, you use the skill you developed during practice to hit to left field.


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Yeah. That's exactly the reply I wanted to get. I can 100% get behind the cast of Reno 911 being on the Enterprise somehow.

Honestly? Just throw some red shirts on them and film it exactly like Reno 911, but in random rooms on the Enterprise.

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Adam Ruins Everything did a podcast episode on the peer review process and how flawed it is. That was like 10 years ago, though. Apparently, things didn't change, yet.