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“...shows an evolutionary leap from a medieval sword to more modern designs that would eventually dominate the 17th century battlefield” is a bit hyped. While it's hard to say with the corrosion, it looks like a pretty normal sidesword, and those were numerous in the 16^th century. I suppose it's less common to find a Danish sword from this period, though.


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For sure, I wouldn't expect a reversible algorithm, just an objective one. Given object X under conditions Y, the spectrum should always be Z; feed that into a function to calculate a RGB (or LaB, or whatnot) coordinate to best represent this spectrum. You’d be constrained by the gamut of the monitor, and many different spectrums would map to any given color output, especially if using 24 bits.


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There's some significant editorializing in the title: this study only examined one specific video, about one specific person, with one specific mental illness.

Clarification: OP copied the title from the article; he or she is not the one editorializing. That raises a question: if a study says X and an article says Y, should a poster here on Reddit copy the Y title or try to give it a more accurate title, which would entail interpreting the study?