DJ_Firth t1_iudxcxo wrote

True, I bought a fancy watch and 2 days later scratched it. Was a painful week but after another week I noticed another fine scratch and then I realised I'm just enjoying it and using it as it should be and now it's no longer 'perfect' I don't need to worry about other minor marks, just enjoy it - it's mine, I don't have to return it - once I got over that it was bliss.

Also I dropped my XM2 headphones couple years back in my second week of ownership, 2 minor scuffs to the outer of the headphone which are noticeable, again - after that I felt bliss that I could now use them without worrying aha.

You got this, enjoy the brilliant ANC and relax in public transport with the knowledge your ears will be more comfortable than 90-100% of fellow passengers ;)