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Comic con literally stands for "comic convention" and has been used for over half a century. "Con" as a short for convention is incredibly ubiquitous. That trademark ruling was one of the most bullshit ones America ever did. Trademarking a literal descriptive title of a certain activity is ridiculous.

Fortunately, Lucca is not, in fact, in America.


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People underestimate how much the research for COVID vaccines was streamlined. It didn't skip steps, but every step could happen immediately as soon as the previous was done. No waiting around for funding, no trying to convince anyone that it's a worthwhile project, no being sidelined because something else was more profitable. Just GO GO GO. Thousands and thousands of researchers worldwide with a singular focus.

It was pretty cool to see.


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Which group composes the vast majority of deaths at work and due to violence? Which group is more likely to suffer harsher legal penalties for the same crimes? Who commits suicide more often? Who's more likely to not be able to stop working if they are Ill?

This difference is not because of who orders a salad. It's because men are still trapped in a medieval patriarchal system, being raised to be working machines, never learning they have any value but what they can provide financially.

Women managed to break free of a fucked up system, and now have their roles in society adjusted to a modern existence. It's far from perfect, it's far from good even, but the process is ongoing and irreversible. Men are still trapped, and most aren't even aware of how fucked they are.

So that's how you get half of the population losing 5 years of their lives. 80 cents to a dollar is horrible, but the people profiting from it are getting almost 9 years to a decade, and believe they have it good.

Gender inequality hurts everyone horribly. And until we let go to of the idea that it's something natural, that it's just how men are or just how women are, we will still be fucked by it.


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Oh yeah? Where are you people getting your lab grown cacao? Because that stuff has plenty of bugs. Do you hand pick them out with tweezers, even the barely visible ones? Is the entire line of production sealed?

There are bugs in your chocolate, like any other.