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> The guard’s firearm fell off his waistband and was later found outside in a balled-up jacket held by one of Bates’s daughters.

They make it sound like the security guard just had a gun tucked in his waistband instead of secured properly in a holster. The fact that he lost it and one of the nut's daughters tried to steal it is pretty disturbing.


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Meh, I learned to ski in the mountains and I used to scoff at the little ski areas around here, too. But the truth is, it’s still skiing and it’s still fun, and the fact that you can hop in the car on a whim and be on the slope in 20-40 minutes, without having to plan an expensive multi-day trip, is definitely appealing.


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The secret is first chair. Get out there as soon as the lifts open, and you get an hour or two of untouched corduroy and almost no one around. Yeah you have to drag your ass out of bed, but it’s totally worth it.


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I don’t disagree with the parenting thing, but it has a finite amount of value. Toddlers and young children are inherently illogical and irrational creatures. It’s great to explain why you want to them to do something, but you have to know when to put your foot down and pull rank. Listening to a grown-ass person arguing with a toddler and losing is pretty sad.


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I’ve always wanted to write a song called “I’m an Asshole from Athol”. I picture it being a Celtic punk tune, Dropkick Murphy’s style, but it’s never quite come together.


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I guess you must just have people over all the time when you have a crazy place like that? Seems like it would be depressing and a little eerie hanging out in that giant place by yourself.

Also, that has to be the most boring collection of luxury cars I’ve ever seen. If I’m going to spend that kind of dough on cars, I’m at least going to buy something unusual or interesting.


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When I worked at the Walmart in Fairhaven, just before the Ames closed, a manager from there came into Walmart (with his kid!) and pitched a very public fit about how our shelf tagging was inaccurate and how we were ripping people off.

In the moment, I had no idea he was anything other than a crabby customer, but the manager who came to help me deal with this situation told me later who he was. I don’t know if he hoped to achieve something or was just venting his spleen. My manager filed a complaint against him with Ames, I never heard of anything more came of it.