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They didn't even tell us the location of the NYC stores that are closing. Here are the rest of the details they skimped on:

> "In New York City, the two Amazon Go stores at the cross-section of Maiden Lane and Pearl and on Park Ave South will permanently close down on April 1, Gizmodo reported." ~ K. Masing on 3/6/23.

  • Location 1: 110 Maiden Ln

  • Location 2: 315 Park Ave S


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> The city survived just fine before the BQE, and would be able to do so again if it went away.

When the city was fine with it, we didn't have the population it does today AND we didn't debilitate our Borough's railroad infrastructure yet. Bay Ridge Branch was catenary electrified and multi track service with stubs to directly serve vendors for freight; solving the need for all of the trucks traveling to reach areas in Brooklyn. (Not subway)

We've done very little to boost up other modes of transportation outside of automobiles and now when we need alts we are screwed.


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Thanks for the tips.

Unfortunately for my family situation, my Grandma is too far along the disease for this to make a difference. She can't be left alone at all and has a feeding tube. She doesn't even talk anymore, she just wiggles in bed and uses body movements kinda to communicate.

Comedy has been the best remedy for us.


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Thanks for the read. I'm gonna have to side with "Ed Crotch" who commented on this article 15 years ago. They said:

>"So here we have a city that is increasing the volume of people yet trying to reduce the volume of vehicles. The amount of subways that can be run on one line is still years off from being able to be increased.

>Still, I have yet to see any data that says that by reducing the number of lanes will actually reduce the number of over all drivers through out the city. It will reduce the volume of vehicles on those streets (less lanes means less vehicles on those streets), but I think people will just drive elsewhere thus causing gridlock and traffic on streets where there is none now."


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I believe I understand your viewpoint. I am still confused how all of that traffic will get downtown now. You have Eastern Parkway and Flatbush Ave which are bringing traffic from two different directions to get downtown and then you're just going to leave them deserted to go through skinny back streets? I can't see Eastern Parkway turning into a dead-end at Brooklyn museum while keeping all those side streets only one way.

I guess I'd have to see a simulation of this to see how it would work.

In addition, for all of these cuts to automobile traffic patterns, we need to seriously fortify our Mass-Transportation infrastructure to make up for it. We can't cut one option to get around without boosting the alternative in some fashion.


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Why isn't LIRR encourage to bring back all of the Brooklyn and Queens stations that were originally part of the system back in the 1800 - early 1900s if we are trying to push for public transport over vehicular use?

There is no reason the tracks next to the N train past Ft Hamilton Pkwy should be freight only, nor the Hell Gate Bridge.

Re-establish the Montauk Cutoff in Long Island City, Bring back the Bay Ridge and Bushwick branches for passenger service and when you do so have the pricing system match the subway so that people will actually use it for travel.