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Really sorry what happened to you. but what really spooks me is the "me too's" in the comment section. Often blokes who put their drink down near a woman's drink.

WTF is wrong with MEN. No wonder woman are literally afraid of every man, if they cant go out without the fear of their drinks being spiked.

I am so sorry ladies. I know in my day we were not always gentlemen, but this sort of behaviour was rare (unknown).

I do not know what the solution is but we have to find one.


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while I agree with your sentiment, practicalities mean it wont happen anytime soon.

There is a great company doing river cleanups to prevent the plastic from even reaching the ocean.

Their model does rely on a steady "stream" of rubbish coming down the river however I think pragmatically that will happen for many years to come until all people either learn to conserve or to be blunt die.


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Hmmm, Good advice, but it negates the purpose of the angle grinder stand, which is to make repeatable accurate(ish) cuts.

Not being flush with funds I couldn't afford a band saw nor have the space for it. tools seem a lot cheaper in the US than we have here in Australia :(


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the problem is they are not wearing, just clogging up. The consensus seems to be not enough pressure when cutting.

I'll try to see if more pressure will do the job next week when I start the next project.


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My problem is they aren't wearing out. I am only getting a few cuts per disk.

And they are much more expensive in Aus where I am from.

The point of this post is to ask the question, to not make assumptions.