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Bear in mind that the one big city in Vermont, Burlington, is a very small city by most American standards. There's a lot to do in comparison to the rest of Vermont but it's still pretty quiet by City standards. Similar with town size, big and busy in Vermont context is small and sleepy compared to most anywhere else in America save the remote West, deep in Appalachia, or Alaska.

If that's what you want and expect, you'll be fine, but to really understand Vermont (and a lot of the answers you'll get from born and bred Vermonters) you need to bear that subjective size and scope.


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I moved to Southern Vermont in 2019. Here's my take as a queer but not 'traditionally gay' man while here the last four years:

If there are such things as gayborhoods, they are older gay and lesbian couples that came out or settled here two or three decades ago. The younger, more varied queer folk are spread more thin and those native to Vermont seem to want to leave as quickly as they can for places with larger and more.doverse queer communities.

Personally the communities I connect with now are located in Albany, NY and Springfield and Boston, Mass. So it's not really local at all. Living in Burlington would be different but even then the community there is smaller than the three I listed in larger cities further south.

On the other topic, I come from a family of outdoors people from the Midwest, so I too am a gun owner. Vermont is fairly straight forward, what you have to watch out for is the neighboring states, some are VERY strict. Without knowing any better I stopped in a Cabela's in Mass on my way home from Boston thinking I'd pick up some rimfire rounds and when I tried to check out without a Mass license or whatever you'd have thought by their reaction that I was a terrorist trying to buy bombmaking materials.


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I was watching a documentary about a town with a strong rail history and one of the engineers said that any of them that had made life careers of the job (he was talking postwar to the 80s) had hit and killed someone at some point, whether on foot or in their vehicles. I can't imagine me and all so many of my coworkers having to live with that.


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Let's just take the mods out of the equation so you don't have that as an excuse. I'll go ahead and hit this block button and be done with it because none of this is worth reading.


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Sure, the Seattle city population of 733k seems comparable since it's just a little more than all of Vermont, but the population of the Seattle metropolitan area is over 4 million.

For comparison there, that's half a million more people than the entire states Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine combined.