Daffodil_Smith t1_iy778ji wrote

I feel like Christmas is only stressful and anxiety filled because people make it that way. It comes every single year, yet every year it's like a huge surprise to many humans. You get the Christmas rushes of everyone going to the store at the same time scrambling to get all the crap they need qhen a lit of this stuff could have been bought and planned for in advanced.

Then again maybe I just tend to think aheada little too much.I don't wait until the last mintue to buy Christmas stuff and gifts. After Christmas that crap goes on sale for far less than others originally paid. And I buy gifts throughout the year as I see stuff go on sale.

So while everyone else is pinching pennies and rushing to buy crap, I already have most of the stuff I need. Of course there are certain items that become Christmas releases so you can't buy it early, but majority of the stuff can be planned for.