Damas_gratis t1_jegqqu2 wrote

I used my email during high school when I didnt have my own laptop so I fear that my email still is in their old computers they probably dont know the password tho

Fun times lol glad my email has survived this long


Damas_gratis t1_jegjk47 wrote

Thanks for that info, I always change my password sometimes monthly. I'm paranoid about losing my Google photos or any of my important information so I just make sure I keep changing my password lol


Damas_gratis t1_jaqgxu0 wrote

My laptop was 300$ and honestly still a very exellente piece of technology. Not a gaming laptop but just for internet. I play music, use my bluetooth speaker for music when I exercise, use my headphones, sometimes at night I cant use my computer at night because everyone in the house is sleeping so I just whip out my laptop and it's like having a small TV especially for YouTube just watching videos when you're bored. Helpful for workouts playing music. This 300$ laptop was worth it ! I even went to another country with it and it was handy to store my photos into it, go into my google photos and so much more. Its badass. Computers are a blessing to us all.