DamnBunny t1_ja3yo3z wrote

When it comes to saving a few dollars, and overworking them. Yes that is what I call an intention.

"Oops, our bad. Won't happen again. We're sorry."
Aren't you just tired of hearing that? I understand that hindsight isn't always 20/20 but they could at least paid attention. (no pun intended)


DamnBunny t1_ja3vg8q wrote

They were doing their job. Remember corporations will do anything to ensure they are never liable. Even badly train their employees to just follow the script. Someone had to write that script for them to even say something as, "Sorry You Didn't Pay, Bye."


DamnBunny t1_j9cm65u wrote

Sounds like from the comments below, they didn't have any trouble to begin with. And since I can make Disneyland look like a Horror film on Camera, edit it out, then upload it. I really doubt no one can be fooled between the exaggeration and the real thing if you've been there. But behold, I can make Photos look like no one is at the rides, I can make it the ticket booth look desolate, And if I go to the break room I could make some serious nightmare fuel with the disembodied costumes.