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More like an avalanche. The first few rocks are falling right now, but they will be followed by an inescapable tide of debris coming down.

I think this is supposed to make the Antarctic region colder, because the cold dense water will not be making its way to the tropics. Which also implies that the tropic and equatorial regions will remain warm or become warmer. The juxtaposition of extremes should result in more violent storms for everybody in the temperate zones.

It's horrifying to think about, but in truth it would be fascinating to watch it happen.


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>The theory proposed by this latest research is that these glass beads, formed in ancient times, can be imbued with water when they’re hit with solar winds, which carry hydrogen and oxygen from the sun’s atmosphere across the solar system. In fact, it could be how more than 270 trillion kilograms (600 trillion pounds) of water is stored across the moon.

So they are collecting hydrogen and oxygen from the solar wind, which recombines into water in situ? Does this mean that energy is released as the hydrogen is oxidized?

Also, is this like silica gel desiccant? I mean, people shouldn't eat it, right?


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Static cling is part of it

Amino acids are arranged in a 3d matrix that creates a patch or a pocket with a particular pattern of positive and negative charges that complement a pattern of charges on the other molecule (the ligand). There's are also interactions involving hydrophobic vs hydrophilic molecular affinities, as well as overall physical shape.

When binding occurs, the interactions can induce changes in the overall shape of the binding site, as these different charges are "neutralized" against each other, or the two molecules adjust themselves for a better fit. This can sometimes result in the exposure of and otherwise hidden amino acid that can cause some further interaction to occur. There are also ways in which an amino acid nearby in the structure might pull electrons away from some part of the ligand, changing the properties of the molecule in a way that might cause it to break a bond. Breaking the amino acid chain in the ligand can then cause the other interactions holding it to the receptor to change, making the two parts no longer compatible with the receptor, allowing it to release .

I am leaving a whole lot of stuff out, but this is an idea that I find to be easier to visualize .

There are some types of locks which use and arrangement of magnets. The north and south poles of the different magnets are set up in a pattern that is complementary to the arrangement in the magnetic key. And so when you put the key next to the lock it can open, but if you put the wrong key next to the lock it will not be able to bind correctly. This is actually not a bad way to look at the interaction of receptors and their ligands or enzymes and their substrates.


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Shortly after the 9-11 attack, I read that intelligence services were concerned that secret messages were being concealed within pornographic images. The article started that the investigators had not yet found such messages, but they were committed to redoubling their efforts by downloading and analyzing even more porno to find them.

I so wish I had downloaded the article!


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"Vanity Fair Admits Video Telling Hillary Clinton To Take Up Knitting “Missed The Mark”" National Memo. December 28, 2017

With a screenshot of Madame DeFarge, I wrote:

"It's an un-hackable database of political criminality, after all!"

=== to further explain, I wrote:

It's a picture of Madame DeFarge, from the 1935 adaptation of Charles Dickens' "A Tale of Two Cities".

DeFarge is a woman bent on revenge against the aristocrats, particularly those of one family that destroyed her own. As part of the French Revolutionaries, she knits, and her knitting secretly encodes the names of people to be killed. Thus, as she sits and witnesses the crimes of the French Aristocracy, she bitterly knits the names and crimes into a tapestry, to be used against them after the revolution.

=== to elaborate, I wrote:

There is much symbolism surrounding DeFarge, since the three Fates of Classical mythology are women who spin the thread of life, and cut it when a mortal life is at its end. In another way, she is a type of Penelope, the wife of Odysseus, who weaves a tapestry shroud for her father-in-law in order to hold off the petitions of her suitors, who claim her husband must be dead after so long at sea. Penelope famously unravels the tapestry every night, so she is never finished with it, putting off the suitors for an indefinite time.

The act of weaving the tapestry shroud is supposed to be her last act as a daughter-in-law and member of Odysseus' family and household. The burden of the shroud is symbolic of her duty as a married woman, and its cultural importance makes the labor inviolate in the face of her suitors and their demands, as well as the demands of her clan. Being a woman, Penelope has no authority of her own by which she can choose to remarry or wait for her husband's return, and so she cleverly uses her weaving as a way to use the rigid gender rules of her society in her favor.

Similarly, perhaps, DeFarge conceals her important role in the Revolution behind a different kind of tapestry. The domestic labor of knitting cannot be suspected to be 'political' or 'revolutionary', since it is a 'woman's work'. Thus, the death list of the Revolution is never revealed to the Aristocratic forces.

In a final parallel, though, we have seen this year a third act of fabric-making as a concealed act of empowerment. Millions of women marched in cities, towns, lonely roads, and isolated fields around the world in protest against Donald Trump's inauguration as President. On their heads were the pink knitted hats, pointedly named after the object of one of Trump's many transgressions against human decency. While the sight of multitudes of protesters crowding streets and parks and plazas worldwide was powerful in itself, the "pussy hat" provided a colorful punctuation to the crowd, making a statement as straightforward as an upraised fist: 'Donald Trump is the enemy, and I will oppose him'.


And now, we have yet another act of fabric craft, largely by women, as a consequence of this horrifying election. Because of short-sighted mismanagement, petty vindictiveness, and now-familiar stupidity, medical protective equipment must be hand-crafted in homes across the country. The cloth mask is a public and visible sign of the failure of the Republican-dominated government to accomplish even the most basic of functions in an emergency.

Wear yours proudly in public. It is the "Phrygian cap" of American resistance against incompetent kakistocracy.

https://www.nytimes.com/2020/03/25/business/coronavirus-masks-sewers.html "A Sewing Army, Making Masks for America"


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None of them should have been unvaccinated!

Look, a restaurant can refuse entry and service to people who 'exercise their right' to go without shoes or shirts. No lawsuit will stand. A university can similarly require full vaccination of students.