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At no point did I ever use race and ethnicity interchangeably. And the water fountain is called an example. Another example, after the Spanish reconquest, Jews and Arabs were exiled from Spain. Jews were allowed to stay if they converted to Christianity, but Arabs were not allowed regardless of their religion.

Ive been clear enough, you're being willfully ignorant if you can't understand these simple concepts.


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Race is not a meaningful category in a scientific sense but it certainly exists in people's minds as its own category that comes with its own set of prejudices.

You can have an abused ethnic group within a majority race, case in point, Jews suffer from anti semitism but they would've been allowed to drink from white only water fountains because they were perceived as white.

It's really not that complicated, I don't understand your confusion to be honest.


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Which doesn't really exist as he imagined it at all.

Dude it's literally Hitler, no one got into that shit as much as him and his ilk. The average European did not give it the much thought.


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But that isn't what white supremacy is, you idiot.

White supremacy is a racial belief system, it has nothing to do with variation in pigment WITHIN an ethnic group and honestly not inextricably linked with pigment at all, considering the anglo Saxon white supremacists targeted the Irish (whiter than them) as an inferior race.

If one brother becomes a merchant and works inside all day while another becomes a poor farmer, they're not looking down on the farmer because of his color, they are looking down on him because he is a farmer, and the color just outs him as one. They're the same "white race"


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People forget that if you're in a room full of artists who've all been to art school, being able to paint landscapes and fruit baskets is not impressive in the slightest.

An artist is going to care far more about what their peers consider impressive than the opinion of some pundit who wants to go back to the "classics" (aka shit that has already been done before).


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In a technical sense there are very few places that are truly uninhabitable.

In a practical sense, there are many pieces where humans cannot create survive in without a nomadic lifestyle or a steady supply of resources necessary for survival.

Low earth orbit is not really habitable for human beings despite some people temporarily living up there