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Lucky Dog is great. Another that is not that close (upper Westchester) but I would also recommend is A Good Dog Rescue in Verplanck. We got our rescue there and they’re amazing. The woman that owns it is so kind.

Whoever you go with, just FYI you’ll most likely have to get set up with a vet beforehand, so I’d call around and see who is accepting new patients/clients.


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The main negative I’d add is that it’s an absolute nightmare getting in/out of that area if you’re trying to go north or east. Greenwich Ave is way too highly trafficked and it becomes a huge logjam, especially with the car wash on the corner. Selleck is slightly better, but only slightly.

I’ve actually saved time before going southwest into Greenwich and up Sound Beach Ave.

Basically, if you don’t need to hurry into downtown Stamford, it’s a nice spot. Right near Half Full brewery too if you’re into that stuff. It’s much quieter and more low key than their Third Place location. You can join their mug club for like $80 that would pay for itself pretty quickly if you frequent it.


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Sigh. I mean you can keep digging this whole you’ve made for yourself, or just be a normal person and admit what pretty much any legal professional would agree: California’s laws/systems are not something to be modeled after. Up to you

None of that has anything to do with why their economy is strong. But again, if you feel like making it painfully obvious you don’t understand that and that you’re Not Mad, go for it. You’re crushing it bro.


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It’s okay to admit you weren’t fully aware of what you were talking about man. You don’t need to backtrack and move the goalposts. Just go “Ah shit. Okay well yes that sucks, California seems to be a bit insane when it comes to these prop laws, but it would be nice if we could do it even better then they are.”