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We already have findagrave.com and similar sites. They generally just have a 2D photo of the headstone. Some users have added more detail around location. I have spent an entire afternoon looking for a headstone in a large cemetery before. But you can always go to the cemetery office when they are open (I was there on a weekend when they were closed). The office can tell you exactly where the plot is located.

TLDR: we have a basic website that does this in a limited capacity. This would be a tremendous amount of work for marginal improvement.


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Thanks. I guess she would be steadfast non-standard. It's not that she doesn't trust snopes, she will just say something like "well I don't know about that, but it (the flawed fact) seems right to her".

She has no desire to research, and when challenged she will play ignorant and just say she doesn't want to argue.


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I'm unclear which category my extended family member falls into. She posts random, demonstrably false info all the time. She just doesn't do any research and goes by what her "gut seems right". I use snooes to call her out whenever I can.