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Most breweries open at 4 or 5 and most are based around food trucks (I assume to avoid getting a certain incense).

That leaves you with Penn Brewery or Southern Tier. Neither would crack anyones top ten list. You’d be better off getting lunch somewhere then going to breweries later.


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I’m sure you can find other articles. One of the entities doing this was disguising themselves as a community housing non-profit. The city didn’t seem to mind residents being forced out of their homes



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They also previously changed their tuition reimbursement from $18k to like $5k and didn’t make an exception for people already enrolled.

Also one day they announced everyone will have to work an extra half hour a day without a pay increase

Was also told because my position I had to take two weeks vacation at at time. New hires only had ten days vacation for the first few years.

They went 2-3 years without any cost of living increases

Promotions without pay increases. And sometimes would result in becoming exempt and losing money

I’m sure there is some other shitfuckery I’m not remembering. Regret not quitting on my first day when my blowhard director was too important greet the new hires.


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  1. Kicking Pigeons is a good band name
  2. I vaguely remember a story where a guy was on a roof of a building down town. This was after a mass shooting somewhere so people were already on edge. Turned out he was shooting pigeons to cook.
  3. There used to be a homeless guy down town that would sit next to people that were enjoying their lunch breaks. Then he would throw bread crumbs on the ground and once the pigeons gathered he would pop a paper bag causing them the fly away chaotically into the people. Then he would run away giggling.