Dante2005 t1_iwwqhjf wrote

"Dark" was always the word for "unknown" or "unproven" so you are not wrong entirely.

If you can see that something affects another thing, but you cant see how exactly or why...call it dark and wait for more data.

Science can only work with the data it has.

It is not trying to be obscure, there are just something's that there are no answers too quite yet.

But data can be extrapolated, like how oddly the universe is speeding up in its expansion.

We will get there.

EDIT: I just saw the sub reddit that I am on. if you need me to delete this comment I fully understand.


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I like this, simple but I know it will be tasty!

The cheap version would be fish fingers (fish stick if you are from the USA)

I line to make my tartar sauce using a bit of mayo of course, but a base of avocado, works for me :)

Love this mate.