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Thank goodness! The reservoirs are starting to fill up (1/3+ now). The snowpack is 150% to 200% of normal in different part of the Sierras. The rivers are getting their fill. And the groundwater will start to replenish.

Hopefully, they can repair the broken levies, and it's sad for those that lost their lives during the rain storms.


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That's Star Thistle, an invasive species that has now covered the state. It's got nasty thorns. But you can pull it up easily by the base. But when you have a field of it, you just get to look at it.

The flowers are a little bit pretty. Amazing how someone made it a work of art.


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The organ shortage could be solved so simply: Create an opt-out process rather than opt-in. Everyone would be considered opt-in to organ donation upon death, unless they opt-out. (Usually, it's on the driver's license in California for opting in). Then, we would have a lot of organs available.

Since no one thinks they are going to die, they don't put opt-in, and some people have religious beliefs that keep them from donating. Meanwhile, 7000 people die a year because of lack of organ donations. 3.3 million people died in the US last year. If even 10% donated organs, that would be 330,000 people, and I think 7000 organs could be found among those that are suitable.

I'd like to see 1 or 2 of our 50 states do this as a pilot project.