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Right now, with the way Congress is divided, there is zero chance of a public option passing into law.

The President only has so much political capital that he can spend. Spending that political capital on something guaranteed not to happen seems like a bad idea, unless there is nothing else left to spend it on.


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I expect the President should really wave his magic wand and get Congress to budget full coverage to fund mental health and universal healthcare, right?

Go elect more Congress people who actually support your issues and care and they might get funded.

(Don’t forget to vote for them in Primaries so they are there to vote for in the General Election)


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It won’t feel magical to most people, but if you wait 2-3 cycles, enough upgrades accumulate that it becomes worthwhile (especially storage), and the longer useable lifespan helps defray the cost of a more expensive model (pro or more storage).

It’s the pattern of tech maturity we’ve seen in mainframes, desktops, laptops and handhelds since forever: rapid yearly advances at first as the market gets established and then longer periods of slower advancement as the market matures, often punctuated by actual disruptive innovation such as independent Graphics cards until the new technology also matures and the cycle continues.


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They couldn’t buy the FOX broadcast channels because they owned ABC. (Barred from owning two networks)

Murdoch wanted to keep FOX News (it was the part that wasn’t for sale)

They didn’t want/need FOX Sports because they already owned ESPN. (I don’t think they were barred from buying it, and I don’t think it was not for sale, they just weren’t interested?)

(Not disagreeing, just clarifying)


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Reply to comment by RyzinEnagy in Late for the train. by brooklynlad

Lived in Brooklyn half my life, and the other half in Manhattan. I’m sure I’ve heard them described by color a couple of times, but 99% of the time it’s by trains running on it (especially since with express/local color alone doesn’t tell you if the train stops there or bypasses a given station).


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It’s part of why Star Wars pioneered a more “gritty” and realistic SciFi.

Technology always looks new when it first comes out, but it tends to show wear over time.

Most SciFi till then had kept everything sparkling and pretty. StarWars showed the wear of “old” technology, which leant an air of credibility and reality to it that earlier works didn’t have.


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While I am sure individual departments (even state departments) may have continuing eval/education requirements, so far as I am aware, no state in the US requires a state-wide licenses, with state mandated requirements for all licensed Police Officers in the state to maintain their license (unlike Doctors, Nurses, Lawyers, Accountants or even Real Estate Agents).

I would be happy to be proven wrong if someone can point me to a link that specifies otherwise though.

Edit: seems the OP decided to delete their post that a state could decertify a LEO, and that minimum continuing requirements already existed, instead of providing some links supporting their claim.

I decided to look a bit and found this: https://www.ncsl.org/research/civil-and-criminal-justice/decertification.aspx it looks like in a small minority of states there is some possibility of being able to decertify a LEO, but I have not gone through and looked at how involved (or lasting) that process is.


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> The Phone Booth on the corner of West End Avenue and 100th Street was one of the last remaining phone booths in New York City. Everyone used it―from ballerinas and birthday clowns, to cellists and even secret agents. Kept clean and polished, the Phone Booth was proud and happy until, the day a businessman strode by and shouted into a shiny silver object, “I’ll be there in ten minutes.” Soon everyone was talking into these shiny silver things, and the Phone Booth stood alone and empty, unused and dejected.