DarkIegend16 t1_iyeyeoz wrote

The British and the English especially so are very well aware of the historic conquests to Jerusalem, why would they have done that if Jesus decided to conveniently travel thousands of miles to the would be UK before ascending?

Nobody thinks Jesus was ever in the British Isles not because of some “woke agenda” suppression but because it’s utter nonsense. Just more nationalistic religious fanaticism where history is bent to the prospective of those who want to be included in the story they’re so obsessed with.


DarkIegend16 t1_itc8t0x wrote

Well when you use nukes as a method to get what you want rather than as a strategical defensive deterrent then it’s no wonder people aren’t going to think you’re responsible enough to engage in nuclear diplomacy.

Russia wants to have their cake and eat it too, they clearly didn’t think their actions would have consequences.