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I loved the books and we were waiting for a film for decades, but this just didn't do it justice. The set pieces were great and the art style was on the right track, they just changed too much of the plot for it to be enjoyable for someone who read the books beforehand (they also made it nigh-impossible to follow up with the sequels, but that's another matter).

The only truly enjoyable part was the first 5-10 minutes of London chasing the tiny Bavarian town.


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This is one of the reasons Titanic was classed as the biggest ship ever built at the time, despite being exactly the same length, breath and height as her older sister Olympic. Some open promenade decks on Olympic were covered over on Titanic, making them count as internal space, increasing her volume and her GRT (Gross Register Tonnage). But the ships were the same size, and both displaced approximately 52,000 tonnes.


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And also, at that point they weren't really bombing allied airfields any more, so the camouflage paint schemes to make aircraft harder to spot on the ground were unnecessary.