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The West Bank is a bit of a clusterfuck. Palestine launched attacks from there and Israel took it over. Israel gave it back and Palestine went back to launching attacks from it. So now Israel isn't necessarily against it's people moving in. Which honestly is pretty fair as they tried to be nice and give it back, and now they may as well claim it as their own.


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Reddit really is funny. Videos of the people burning Qurans and getting attacked were cheered on social media. Hungary's minister is also condemning the burning of holy books and the weak handed response from the Swedish government.

BUUUUT now that Hungary said something we have folks attacking Hungary because people online have been brainwashed into thinking everything Hungary does is bad.

Reddit just can't make up it's mind.


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Who exactly is going to hit Iran? The West isn't right about to start a war with Iran. And as an ally of Russia it makes sense that they are aiding them in this war. Ukraine doesn't have the resources to really pick a fight with Iran right now much like Russia can't pick a fight directly with the countries aiding Ukraine.


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The problem is that Ukraine needs A LOT more to even hold their ground. Russia is overwhelming them in the East right now and a few dozen/hundred tanks aren't going to make a big enough difference. And we can't wave a magic wand and get Ukraine everything that it would need. The situation is probably going to get a lot worse before it gets better.


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Huge fan of Maher, so I'd prefer him to stay far away from CNN. His show only works on a more mature content filled network. Maher is definitely a national treasure and really speaks to the majority of Democrats that are moderate and don't have much patience for the Progressive left. Not that he's not fairly left wing himself, but more like a Midwest or even New England Democrat.