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Thank you for your dissertation, and I will agree it has Some Merit, though I can only speculate when I do not have all the information available to determine whether or not it is all truth. Have an amazing Day, and Merry Christmas Four Dimensional Taco.


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>A cure for either type would be immediately be sought after by health care insurance companies, since for them, this would be far more economical than the ongoing expenses for insulin and anticipated diabetic medication.

Which do you think a business would rather have? A subscription model of making money, or a One Time Payment? As someone who went and studied business at University, I know they almost ALL would prefer subscription, unless the One Time Payment Option was enough to keep them afloat by itself, because as soon as everyone has made their One Time Payment, they no longer require your services, and will no longer have a need to pay for it.


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Yes, but those are literally the basic formula that the patent was sold for $1 so that way people's lives could be saved, and they are still charging people equivalently 25x as much as what they paid for the formula for each person who is doing what you said per vial.


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Which is literally the only reason that the medical industry does not fund the research and pay for the proponents necessary to make such things a possibility. The Love Of Money Is The Root of All Kinds of Evil.


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Yeah seriously, does he have ANY idea how much Hit Points(equivalent) that the Ocean has? It is literally like dust stabbing you with daggers it could hold within its own hands, imperceptible.


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While there is nothing wrong with Resting, I disagree with the rest, because doing nothing is literally impossible. People are breathing, their hearts are pumping, their blood is flowing, the electrical signals from your brains are bringing you new information to process all the time. There is NO benefit to doing nothing, because as soon as you've decided to do nothing, you become what you've decided to be.


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Because breeds of fish are already one thing, but they can adapt to their environment, since I found out that Humans without Leadership would destroy all their environments, and NONE could be saved if things couldn't continually improve.